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Aerospace Resources

Jane's All The World's Aircraft - Jane's All the World's Aircraft is the standard in aviation reference, containing technical detail on more than 1,000 military and civil manned aircraft currently in production or under development.

Jane's Aero-Engines - Jane's Aero-Engines contains details of all gas-turbine engines for manned aircraft known to be in operation worldwide, including those no longer in production.

World Aviation Directory - The Directory contains company profiles for all aircraft and engines; manufacturers of airframes, engines, avionics, components, parts and support equipment; distributors & suppliers; repair, maintenance, overhaul and FBOs; sales, leasing, insurance and consulting; airports and regulating agencies; civil aviation agencies, embassies and military, including fleets; and space.

Flight International Directories - This directory is as relevant to the aerospace professional as it is to the aviation enthusiast. Contained within this 800 page directory are over 2,000 previously unpublished photographs, specially commissioned schematic designs and three-view drawings. There are also summary specification tables, development history, full company and aircraft data.

How Things Fly - What makes an airplane fly? This National Air & Space Museum Web site provides an overview of the principles of flight and takes visitors on a tour of the NASM.