Supplier Training Registration

Please print the required registration form and fax to (513) 243-9494 or save this form to your desktop, complete and email to

Minitab should be ordered directly from Minitab, Inc.

Training Costs

Method: Black Belt Training

On Site

  • Location dependent. Typically between $50 - 75K.
  • Up to 25 students per class
  • Supplier determines training site
  • Supplier arranges logistics - for training room, projector, computers, etc.
  • GE provides class material, files and instructor
  • Cost will be on a per class basis
  • Less disruption to supplier's operations and reduced travel and living costs


  • $4 - 5K per Black Belt depending on location.
  • Can be centralized for many vendors with a few employees each
  • GE determines training site
  • GE arranges site logistics
  • Vendor responsible for travel and living costs
  • Cost will be on a per person basis
  • Training is usually held in Cincinnati

Prices are subject to change.