Manufacturing Facilities

Baltimore, Maryland (MRAS)

Designs, builds and supports jet engine thrust reversers

Specialized airframe structures for both commercial and military aircraft

Machined Parts

Overhaul and repair services

Spare parts

Bromont, Canada

Fan & Compressor Airfoils: All CFM56 Models, GE90-94B, F110, CF34-8C/D/E, CF34-10

Durham, North Carolina

Engine Assembly: GE90-94B, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, CF34-8C/D/E, CF34-10

Evendale, Ohio

Engine Development & Testing (Various Engine Programs)

Engine Assembly & Development: All CFM56 Models, LM6000, LM2500, LM2500+

Engine Hot Sections: CFM56

Structural Frames, Cases and Nozzles (LPT & Compressor): GE90-94B, CF6, LM6000, LM2500, LM2500+

Supports & Seals: CFM56-3, CFM56-7, GE90-94B, F110

Marine & Industrial Engine Testing

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Compressor Vanes & Airfoils (All Engine Programs)

Compressor Blisk: F414, CF34-8C/D/E, CF34-10, T700/CT7, CFE738

Small Diameter Tubes (All Engine Programs)

Lynn, Massachusetts

Engine Assembly: F414, F404, T700/CT7, CF34-3A/B

Engine Development & Testing: CFE738

Rotating Parts & Spares: T700/CT7, CF34, CFM56-3, F414, LM6000, LM2500, LM2500+

Structural Frames, Cases and Nozzles (Compressor & LPT): T700/CT7, CF34, CFM56-3, CFM56-7, F414, F404, F110, CFE738

Combustors (All Engine Programs)

Madisonville, Kentucky

Engine Blades & Vanes (All Engine Programs)

Rutland, Vermont

Fan & Compressor Airfoils:(All Engine Programs except CFM56, F110)

Spare Parts: T64, T58, J85, TF39, F101, CF6-6, CF6-50, CF6-80A

Wilmington, North Carolina

Engine Component Assembly: GE90-94B, CF6-80C2, CFM56-7, F110, CF34-8, CF34-10, LM6000

Spare Parts