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The M601 Engine

First delivered in 1975, the M601 turboprop engine has accumulated more than 17 million flight hours on more than 30 applications.

M601 engine
23" 22" 66"
  • weight lbs

  • power shp


key technology features

Simple, maintainable & durable

Torch igniter

Fuel slinger

example applications

Aircraft Industries LET L 410/420, Air Tractor AT-400/500, Beechcraft King Air 90, de Havilland DHC-3 Otter, Grumman G-164 Ag Cat, Thrush S-2R/S2R


M601: Undisputed Results for Unmatched Value

The GE M601 series engines have been designed for commuter, agricultural, and trainer aircraft. The GE M601 engine is a free power turbine turboprop engine.

The GE M601 engine features two independent parts: the gas generator and power section. Air enters the engine in the rear, flows forward through the compressor, combustion chamber, and turbines and exits through exhaust nozzles near the front of the engine.

The new GE H80 engine will incorporate GE's 3D-aero design and advanced materials into the engine's compressor and turbine as well as nozzle guide vanes and GE's blisk design in the axial compressor. These advanced technologies and designs will improve fuel efficiency and offer increased temperature margin to improve hot day takeoff and high altitude cruise speeds. The H80 engine will offer power up to 800 shaft horsepower (shp) and will have an extended service life of 3,600 hours and 6,600 cycles between overhauls.

M601 Spotlight