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OnPoint FAQs

  • What is OnPointsm?
  • OnPoint is a comprehensive maintenance program tailored for GE or CFM* engine-powered business jet aircraft. Purchase of this program provides the owner of the aircraft with extensive maintenance coverage at predictable costs. With services ranging from diagnostics to overhaul, GE's OnPoint program offers peace of mind through a dollar per engine flight hour plan.
  • What are the benefits of OnPoint?
  • The benefits of OnPoint are extensive. Not only are you protected against any unexpected engine repair and maintenance, but you will also have a dedicated program manager to assist in coordinating these services. Additionally, OnPoint includes comprehensive diagnostics service as well as loaner engine support should your engine require an off-wing repair.

    OnPoint benefits include:

    • Financial advantages
      • Predictable maintenance costs
      • Risk mitigation
      • Fully transferable with no transfer fee
      • Operational savings
    • Peace of mind
      • GE expert care
      • Worry-free logistics
      • Global GE authorized network
      • Proactive OEM engine management
      • Personal, dedicated representative
    • Secure investment
      • Residual value enhancement
      • Exclusive use of OEM-approved parts
      • Recognized value by financial institutions

  • What is covered by the OnPoint product?
  • OnPoint provides complete program management including logistics for everything from periodic engine inspections, line maintenance and full overhauls.

    The OnPoint coverage for business jet operators includes:

    • Scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance, including: labor, material, vendor repair, test and line replaceable unit repair
    • Line maintenance labor including troubleshooting, parts and consumables
    • Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
    • Loaner engine, including removal and reinstallation
    • Transportation of engines and line replaceable units
    • Overhaul, repair and/or exchange of line replaceable units
    • Comprehensive Diagnostics with immediate notification and quarterly reports
    • All life-limited parts

  • Are there any exceptions to OnPoint?
  • The OnPoint dollar per hour rate does not cover damages resulting from activities outside the ordinary course of engine operation or insurable events.
  • Will OnPoint provide quick and easy customer support?
  • Yes. Under the OnPoint Program, you have access to a dedicated Customer Program Manager as well as 24/7 response through the BizJet Operations Center and all of its service resources. The BizJet Operations Center offers a 24/7 operations center, rapid response resolution of maintenance issues and technical support for all maintenance events.
  • Will someone manage my maintenance needs?
  • Yes. With OnPoint, you will have a dedicated Customer Program Manager who will help you with all of your maintenance needs. This dedicated manager will help keep your aircraft available and up to date.
  • Where does the service take place?
  • Through OnPoint, you have access to GE's global service network. We have overhaul and line maintenance facilities located worldwide. You will have access to both GE owned facilities and our Authorized Service Centers.

    Please visit our website for the complete list of service providers for your specific business jet aircraft.

  • Which engine parts are covered?
  • OnPoint covers all engine OEM parts including life limited parts.

  • Does OnPoint cover Line Replaceable Units?
  • Yes. OnPoint provides comprehensive overhaul, repair and/or exchange for flight-line or shop removals. This service reduces inventory requirements, allows for lower overhead costs and increases aircraft availability. OnPoint also includes line replaceable unit transportation costs.

  • Does OnPoint include line maintenance support?
  • Yes. Line maintenance support is included in the OnPoint program. This will cover the required Chapter 5 periodic inspections, necessary troubleshooting and other engine line maintenance activities including parts and labor.

  • Does OnPoint include engine trending service?
  • Yes. OnPoint includes GE's Comprehensive Diagnostics Service in order to ensure that your engine is performing optimally. By continually monitoring engine and aircraft information, GE is able to prevent problems before they become operational issues.

  • Does OnPoint include loaner engine support?
  • Yes. OnPoint will provide a loaner engine for all covered engine removals. This support includes all loaner fees and charges while the customer's engine is being serviced. OnPoint also includes engine transportation costs.

  • Does OnPoint cover transportation to and from the service facilities?
  • Yes. OnPoint covers the transportation cost of the engine to and from overhaul facilities up to a maximum allowable amount. If a loaner engine is required and provided under the agreement, transportation for this engine is also covered through OnPoint.

  • Who is eligible?
  • OnPoint is available to owners of new or used GE or CFM engine-powered business jet aircraft. Customers benefit from entering the program at the time of new aircraft delivery.

  • Are there any requirements for enrollment?
  • Owners may enter the program at any time. There are no additional requirements for entering the program at new aircraft delivery. An inspection is required prior to enrollment of an engine with over 100 hours Time Since New. It consists of a complete engine borescope and a Ground Power Assurance run. Pre-buy inspection reports which cover these requirements may be accepted.

  • What is my engine's hourly rate with OnPoint?
  • The hourly rate of each engine is based on the time and cycles at enrollment as well as the utilization and flight leg of each operator. OnPoint takes into account any remaining warranty period and operating costs of the engine. Hourly rates will vary based on the engine's current time and cycles, time/cycles since last shop visit, operating parameters, operational base and scope of coverage.

  • How do I make my payments?
  • Engine flight hours and cycles are reported monthly via GE's secure web-billing system. This system automatically issues an invoice. Payments can be made via check or wire transfer.

  • Can I terminate my OnPoint agreement early?
  • In the event, the customer sells, transfers or returns the aircraft to a lessor, the customer has the option of transferring the agreement. Termination for any reasons other than the above may result in additional money owed if cost of services exceeds payments made.

  • Does coverage through OnPoint transfer if I sell my aircraft?
  • Yes. OnPoint coverage is easily transferred to the new owner via a short transfer agreement signed by all three parties with no fees.

  • Will an OnPoint agreement increase my aircraft's value?
  • Yes. There are a number of factors that impact aircraft residual value. Third party organizations such as Aircraft Bluebook ( and VREF ( recognize the value of OnPoint. As an example, currently aircraft with mid-life engines are valued at over $2M more than similar aircraft that have not been on OnPoint since new.

  • Where should I go with further questions or to enroll in the OnPoint program?
  • For general questions and information, simply call the BizJet Operations Center.

    BizJet Operations Center
    1 877 456 JETS (5387)
    +1 513 552 JETS (5387)

    For more detailed information, pricing or to enroll in the OnPoint program, contact James Curcio or Steve McManus.

    James Curcio
    +1 513 552 5825

    Steve McManus
    +1 513 552 2936

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