Aviation Purchase Order Requirements


GE Aviation Suppliers - Gifts and Gratuities

This notice relates to your obligations and the relevant restrictions, under your GE Aviation Purchase Agreements and/or Purchase Orders, relative to Gratuities under GE Aviation Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase C64. In particular, we call your attention to Article 25 (k).

Any officers, employees or agents of Purchaser, the U.S. Government, or Purchaser's customers, are prohibited from soliciting or accepting entertainment, gifts, gratuities, compensation or favors from Seller. Seller shall at all times comply with the requirements of this policy.

General Electric Third Party Information Security Policy [.doc]
This GE Policy is intended for GE Suppliers that have access to GE systems and or technical data.

Supplier Information Security Addendum for GE Restricted Data [.pdf]

Integrity Guide for Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants [.pdf]

The Acceptable Use of GE Information Resources [.pdf]

Employment Data Protection Standards [.pdf]

GT2086-27 Shipping Standard Request for use by Tooling Suppliers only [.pdf]

Supplier Request For Cross Contract Use of US Government Property [.xls]

GE Privacy and Data Protection Policy [.pdf]

Protected Health Information Agreement [.pdf]