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Our Engines Highlights

  • The Next Generation Turbofan

    Designed around customers' needs, the GEnx represents a giant leap forward in propulsion technology. The engine will use the latest generation materials and design processes to reduce weight, improve performance and lower maintenance.

  • World Record Holder

    The GE90 combines the best technologies from the popular CF6 and CFM56 engine programs with advanced technologies from NASA and military programs to provide a highly reliable, fuel-efficient powerplant for the next generation of wide-body aircraft. The GE90-115B set the world record for the most powerful commercial jet engine at more than 127,000 lbs of thrust.

  • Commercial Cornerstone

    For more than 30 years, the GE CF6 family of engines has been the cornerstone of the widebody, high bypass ratio turbofan engine market.

  • Regional Revolution

    The CF34 sparked one of the most important events in commercial aviation: the introduction of the regional jet.

Engine Education

Learn all about our engines and download some cool stuff for your computer.

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