CF34 Family


Regional Revolution

The CF34 sparked one of the most important events in commercial aviation: the introduction of the regional jet. The latest CF34 engine is the CF34-10.


Engine Overview

Aircraft readiness, on-time departures, reliability and cost-effective operation are all important measures of a successful regional aircraft engine. Dependability is inherent in the CF34. The engine's dispatch reliability rate remains at 99.95 percent with more than 80 million flight-hours and 65 million cycles completed since the first CF34-3A1 engine entered service in 1992.

GE is committed to the CF34 having invested more than $2 billion in the evolution and continuous improvement of the CF34 family of engines.

The CF34 is a derivative of GE's rugged, combat-proven TF34 which powers the U.S. Air Force A-10 and U.S. Navy S-3A. The CF34 has evolved from this solid military experience base as a superior commercial engine with excellent performance margin, durability, and a level of reliability that allows today's 50 to 105 passenger regional jets to be flown with utmost confidence throughout the world.

The CF34 family is designed with a particular concern for its effect on the total flying environment . . . inside the cabin and outside.

The inherently quiet CF34 helps make travel comfortable and more productive. Low noise also contributes to greater operational flexibility. The CF34 is not only a quiet engine, but it is also well within FAA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and International Civil Aircraft Organization (ICAO) requirements for smoke and emissions.

GE is so committed to the CF34, that it has invested more than $1 billion over the last decade.

GE's CF34 engine, the best-selling engine in regional aviation history, has surpassed 5,000 engines in service with over 170 operators... Every 8 seconds, a GE CF34-powered regional jet aircraft takes off somewhere in the world, and CF34 engines travel the equivalent of 210 times around the planet each day, carrying 500,000 passengers to their destinations

OnPoint services for the CF34 Family

Quick Engine Facts

    Found on these aircraft:
  • Bombardier CRJ100/-200/-700/-900/-1000
  • Bombardier Challenger 601/604/605
  • EMBRAER 170/175/190/195/Lineage 1000 Business Jet
Introduction: 1983 (Business Jet)
1992 (Regional Jet)

Thrust Range: 9,220 - 20,360 lbs.



CF34-10E Surpasses 1,000 Engines In-Service

The CF34-10E that powers Embraer's E190/E195 regional jets and Lineage 1000 business jets has surpassed 1,000 engines in-service amongst 48 operators.


The CF34-10's Newest Variant Powers COMAC's ARJ21 Aircraft

The CF34-10A engine was selected to power the new ARJ21 regional jet from Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued type certification of the CF34-10A in July 2010. ARJ21 flight testing is underway.


Newest CF34-8 variant powers Bombardier's CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft

The CF34-8C5A1 engine that powers the CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft engine is the newest CF34-8 variant. More than 1,900 CF34-8 engines are in service on Bombardier's CRJ700 (CF34-8C5B1) and CRJ900 (CF34-8C5) and EMBRAER's 170/175 (CF34-8E5) aircraft. The engines have accumulated more than 19 million flight-hours and 14 million cycles.