Model CF6-80C2


High Reliability, Long Life, Low Fuel Burn

The CF6-80C2 is one of the most reliable commercial jet engines in the world.


Engine Overview

The CF6-80C2 high-bypass turbofan engine combines a proven core with the latest technical innovations to offer the highest reliability, longest life, and lowest fuel burn in its thrust class.

In the early 1980s, GE began work on a higher thrust CF6 engine to meet future commercial airline needs. Several performance improvements were incorporated into the enhanced CF6 engine from the Energy Efficient Engine (E3) program, which was aimed at developing engine technologies that would lead to significant reductions in specific fuel consumption and direct operating costs. The new CF6-80C2 engine offered higher thrust, a slightly larger fan than the -80A and thrust ratings from 52,500-61,900 lbs. The engine was chosen to power two advanced versions of the Airbus A300, two versions of the A310, four models of the advanced Boeing 767, three versions of the Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 trijet. Thai International became the first CF6-80C2 engine operator in 1985 on its A300-600 long-range airliner. More than 3,600 CF6-80C2 engines, which celebrated their 25th anniversary last year, have entered service and demand continues today.

Both the CF6-80A and -80C2 engine were known for their high reliability, and this was evident during extended twin operations (ETOPS) testing. Both engines received 180-minute ETOPS approval on the Boeing 767, and the CF6-80C2 engine received 138-minute ETOPS approval on the A300 and A310 aircraft that allowed twin-engines aircraft operation over large bodies of water. At the end of 1989, these two engines were the only high bypass turbofans approved for that level of operation.

Technologies from a variety of research and development programs have been incorporated in the CF6-80C2 design, such as advanced clearance control, a new low emissions combustor and aerodynamic modifications of blades and vanes.

This engine also uses the Tech CF6 program's advanced airfoil cooling technology into the high-pressure turbine (HPT) to improve overall efficiency and improve performance retention over time, which lowers overall fuel burn and corresponding CO2 emissions, as well as maintenance costs.

The CF6-80C2, which entered revenue service in October 1985, holds GE's record for the longest running commercial engine production line, with more than 3,800 engine deliveries. The CF6-80C2 has consistently demonstrated the lowest specific fuel consumption of any commercial transport engine in its thrust class and has an outstanding departure reliability record of 99.82%. This engine has accumulated more than 185 million flight.

Currently certified on 12 widebody aircraft models and with 16 ratings, the CF6-80C2 has received FAA 180-minute Extended Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) for the A300, A310, and B767 aircraft, offering route structuring flexibility and added economic benefits.

Physical Information

Fan/Compressor Stages: 1F/4LPC/14HPC

High-Pressure Turbine/Low-Pressure Turbine Stages: 2/5

Max Diameter (Inches): 106

Length (Inches): 168

Dry Weight (Lb.): 9,480 - 9,860

    Application Examples:
  • Airbus A300-600/R/F
  • A310-200/-300
  • Boeing 767-200/200ER
  • 767-300/-300ER
  • 767-400ER
  • 767 AWACS
  • 767 Global Tanker/Transport
  • 747-300
  • 747-400/-400ER
  • MD-11
  • CX Japanese Transport

Power Specifications

Specific Fuel Consumption at Maximum power: 0.307 - 0.344

Max. Power at Sea Level (Lb.): 52,500 - 63,500

Overall Pressure ratio at Maximum Power: 27.1 - 31.8

Bypass Ratio: 5 - 5.31