CT7 Family


Versatile Experience

The CT7 operates throughout the world with over 50 different customers.


Engine Overview

CT7 engines have been operating worldwide since 1984 on the Saab 340 and CASA/IPTN CN235. This experience has exposed the engine to a variety of severe environments, ranging from frozen tundra above the Arctic Circle to the heat of the Middle East and the arid region of Australia's outback.

In addition to meeting the rigorous daily demands of airline operation, the CT7 is in service on military light transports as well as on surveillance, maritime patrol and other special purpose aircraft.

The CT7's many operational advantages have made it the engine of choice for new applications. The CT7's value-proven performance led to its selection to power the Sukhoi S-80, a new 26 passenger regional/utility aircraft targeted for emerging markets in Russia and Asia.

OnPoint services for the CT7 Family

Quick Engine Facts

    Found on these aircraft:
  • B214ST
  • CN-235
  • SF340
  • S-70
  • S-92
  • S-80
Introduction: 1984

Thrust Range: 1,700-2,769 shp



To The Rescue

The CT7 not only performs well in commercial use, but also in diverse rescue operations.