GEnx Family

GEnx Family

The Next Generation Turbofan

The GEnx is GE's next generation turbofan and will be the workhorse engine of the 21st century for medium-capacity, long-range aircraft.


Engine Overview

Designed around customers' needs, the GEnx represents a giant leap forward in propulsion technology. The engine will use the latest generation materials and design processes to reduce weight, improve performance and lower maintenance.

The GEnx is part of GE's "ecomagination" product portfolio - GE's business strategy to develop new, cost-effective technologies that enhance customers' environmental and operating performance.

The GEnx will deliver 15 percent better specific fuel consumption (which translates to 15 percent less CO2) than the engines it replaces, helping operators save whenever they fly. Its innovative twin-annular pre-swirl (TAPS) combustor will dramatically reduce NOx gases as much as 56 percent below today's regulatory limits. Additionally, the GEnx's emissions for other regulated gases will be as much as 94.5 percent below current regulatory limits, ensuring clean compliance for years to come.

Based on the ratio of decibels to pounds of thrust, the GEnx will be the quietest, most passenger-friendly commercial engine ever produced due to the large, more efficient fan blades that operate at a slower tip speed, resulting in about 30 percent lower noise levels. It will be the world's first commercial jet engine with both a front fan case and fan blades made of carbon fiber composites, which are both durable and low maintenance. This technology reliability has been validated over more than 15 years and 22 million flight hours on the GE90.

All of these improvements are thanks to the incorporation of advanced and proven technologies from other engine families and on-going R&D programs, such as lightweight, durable composite materials and specialized coatings, an innovative, clean-burning combustor and a fan module that's virtually maintenance free.

It is a low-risk, high-value solution to the challenges our customers face every day. It is the GEnx.

Quick Engine Facts

Thrust Range: 53,000-75,000 lbs.


The GEnx Engine

GEnx. Now Serving...

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GEnx-2B First Engine to Test.

GEnx-2B First Engine to Test

GE's GEnx-2B engine for the new Boeing 747-8 airplane achieves 70,000 Lbs. takeoff thrust in first test.

GEnx First Flight

GEnx Takes to the Air

The new GEnx engine took flight for the first time on board GE's 747-100 flying test bed in Victorville, CA.


Ready for Takeoff

The GEnx engine, GE's next generation aircraft engine, demonstrated 85,000 lbs. of takeoff thrust during ground testing in Peebles, Ohio.

GEnx Theatre

GEnx Theatre

Take an inside look at the advanced features of GE's next-generation engine with this comprehensive product tour.


Boeing's New 787 Dreamliner

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GEnx TAPS Combustor

The GEnx will feature an advanced TAPS combustor that will produce a lower temperatures and more uniform gas stream temperature profile.


New Revolutionary Turbine

By utilizing advanced design codes, the GEnx turbine will have fewer blades to do more work as well as a counter rotating architecture for even more efficient energy extraction.