The GEnx Engine Family

The GEnx Combustor

GEnx TAPS Combustor--The Most Advanced Combustor in the Industry

With our innovative single-annular TAPS combustor, the GEnx is designed to be the cleanest-burning engine in its class. This combustor will far and away comply with all existing and expected regulations for NOx emissions -- positioning GEnx operators for clean compliance for many years to come.

Cleaner combustion requires technology that delivers high efficiency and lower, more uniform flame temperatures. This is achieved with our innovative pre-mixing concept. By directing nearly all of the airflow through unique swirlers and around nested fuel nozzles, we create ideal pre-mixed fuel/air environment. And because NOx production is strongly driven by combustion temperature, these emissions will be drastically reduced.

Additionally, because all of the combustion air enters through the dome and mixers, no dilution holes are required on the new liner. This in turn reduces distress, leading to longer liner life and reduced maintenance costs.

The lower and more uniform temperatures produced by this combustor have another benefit, as well. They significantly improve the lives of all downstream components.

This clean, easy-to-maintain combustor is one of the many innovations that will give GEnx customrs advantages unavailable to anyone else. Just image how we've improved the other parts of this amazing new engine.