The Next Generation Turbofan

The GEnx is GE's next generation turbofan and will be the workhorse engine of the 21st century for medium-capacity, long-range aircraft.


Engine Overview

Compared to the CF6 engine, the GEnx-2B engine will offer 13 percent improved fuel efficiency, which translates to 13 percent less CO2. The engine achieves these improvements with aerodynamic advancements that enable higher pressures and improved energy extraction from a more compact core architecture that has significantly fewer parts.

The new GEnx™ turbofan engine refines the best technologies and systems of our most successful family members, the GE90 and CF6 engines. The GEnx builds on the GE90’s superior performance with new advancements in composite, compressor, combustor and turbine technologies.

The GEnx-2B has been optimized for the Boeing 747-8 airplane. With a smaller fan, destaged booster and low-pressure turbine, the -2B, in comparison to the -1B, provides the ideal design balance to power the aircraft. And, because the -2B contains an identical core and similar materials as the -1B, it delivers synergies for mixed GEnx fleets and benefits from rapid maturity of these common core components.

The GEnx-2B has a high durability, light weight composite fan case, as well as a 3 stage, 3D-aero, high efficiency booster and 18 low-maintenance, high durability, 3D, composite, swept fan blades. Its TAPS combustor allows extremely low emissions and its 2-stage, 3D high pressure turbine with a turbine center frame provides improved stiffness.

Physical Information

Fan/Compressor Stages: 1F/3LPC/10HPC

High-Pressure Turbine/Low-Pressure Turbine Stages: 2/6

Max Diameter (Inches): 104.2

Length (Inches): 169.7

Power Specifications

Max. Power at Sea Level (Lb.): 66,500

Overall Pressure ratio at Maximum Power: 44.7 - 52.4

Bypass Ratio: 8.0 - 7.4