The GEnx Engine Family

The GEnx Turbine

New Revolutionary Turbine

The turbines are the most aft components of the GEnx, but they are hardly an afterthought. The GEnx turbines use materials, coatings and architectures that are truly revolutionary.

The job of the high and low pressure turbines is to extract work from core flow. This efficiency has never been better, thanks to recent improvements in design codes and turbine blade architecture. Fewer blades can now do the job more efficiently, while simultaneously reducing cost and weight.

The bulk of engine maintenance costs is driven by the life of the turbine components. By including the use of new, more temperature capable materials and reducing the severity of the operating environment, we've limited the maximum temperatures these components will experience. The design will feature unique powdered metal rotors, specialized coatings, enhancing cooling techniques and new blade materials -- delivering a turbine with the right balance of performance and extended life.

When it comes to the low-pressure turbine, we decided to put a new twist on things by incorporating a counter-rotating design. Rigorously tested in other engine programs, this technique provides numerous benefits, including fewer parts, less weight and improved efficiency -- with no additional architectural complexity. Also, this turbine is specifically designed and shaped for maximum performance and achieves great performance retention.

The turbines in the back of the GEnx use an impressive variety of innovations to lower life cycle costs. Just imagine how we've improved the other parts of this amazing new engine.