Model LM1600


A derivative of the F404 turbofan fighter engine, the LM1600 is the most fuel-efficient, simple-cycle, gas turbine in its power class. It has powered high-speed ferries and high-speed yachts.

The LM1600 model gas turbine is no longer in production but those in service continue to be fully supported with parts and service from GE Marine.

Engine Overview

The LM1600 marine gas turbine is a simple-cycle, two-shaft high-performance engine. The LM1600 is comprised of a gas generator, a power turbine, attached fuel and lube oil pumps, a fuel control and speed governing system, associated inlet and exhaust sections, lube and scavenge systems and control. It also has devices for starting and monitoring the engine.

Four major components include: a ten-stage, 22:1 pressure ratio compressor with two stages of variable stator vane; a fully annular combustor with externally mounted fuel nozzles; a two-stage, air-cooled turbine; and a two-stage aerodynamically coupled low-pressure power turbine which is driven by the gas generator's hig- energy exhaust gas flow.

The LM1600 is often housed in a thermal acoustic enclosure on a mounting base. The enclosure attenuates noise in the engine room and provides sensors for inlet-icing and fire detection. It also houses fire extinguishing equipment.

The LM1600 is designed for long life in a marine environment using corrosion-resistant materials. It has built-in borescope ports and a water wash manifold for compressor cleaning. It is built for fast starts, good stall margin and flexibility of control over a wide speed and power range. The two-stage, air cooled high-pressure turbine permits high turbine inlet temperatures for high efficiency with long hot section parts life.

The simple modular design of the LM1600 incorporates many features to maximize shipboard maintainability and parts replacement downtime, such as a split compressor casing, in-place blade and vane replacement, in-place hot section maintenance and accessible external fuel nozzles.


Output (Shp): 20,000

Specific Fuel Consumption (lb/shp-hr): 0.376

Thermal Efficiency: 37%

Heat Rate (BTU/shp-hr): 6,928

Exhaust Gas Temp (°F): 1950

Exhaust Gas Flow (lb/sec): 104

Power Turbine Speed (rpm): 7,000

Weight (lb): 8,200

Length (m): 4.24

Height (m): 2.03

Average performance, 60Hz, 59°F, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses, Liquid Fuel, LHV=18,400 BTU/lb.

Application Examples

  • High Speed Ferries
  • High Speed Luxury Yachts
  • Military Combatants
Stena High-Speed Ferry Mols Linen Fast Ferry Enigma High-Speed Yacht

Unique Features

  • High Efficiency for Medium Power Engine Class

Engine Options

  • Commercial Enclosure Packaging

Engine Certifications

  • DNV Rules for Classification of Ships
  • RINA Marine Propulsion