Model LM500


The LM500 marine gas turbine is derived from the GE high efficiency TF34 turbofan engine and incorporates many of the same materials as those proven on the highly successful LM2500 marine gas turbine. More than 100 engines power military patrol boat and commercial fast ferries.

Engine Overview

The LM500 is basically a TF34 engine without its fan, similar in design and materials to the proven LM2500 marine gas turbine. It is a simple-cycle, two-shaft gas turbine with an aerodynamically coupled power turbine. It incorporates a variable stator compressor driven by an air-cooled, two-stage turbine The LM500 incorporates the latest in proven design and materials technology to assure maximum reliability and component life. Lightweight and compact, the LM500 has the highest fuel efficiency of any gas turbine in its output class.

The LM500's single-shaft generator consists of a 14-stage, 14.5:1 pressure ratio high-pressure compressor with variable inlet guide vanes and variable stator vanes in the first five stages, a machined-ring annular combustor with eighteen externally mounted fuel injectors and an air-cooled two-stage high-pressure turbine. The aerodynamically coupled power turbine is on a second shaft and has four stages to which the load is connected on the air inlet end of the engine.

The LM500 is designed for long life in a marine environment using corrosion-resistant materials. It has built-in borescope ports and a water wash manifold for compressor cleaning. The low-speed shaft, with no differential bearings, provides for front end drive. It is built for fast starts, good stall margin and flexibility of control over a wide speed and power range. The two-stage, air-cooled high-pressure turbine permits high turbine inlet temperatures for high efficiency with long hot section parts life.

GE provides a lube oil, ignition, and starting system along with a digital control system.

The LM500 is designed with a split casing for ease of maintenance.


Output (Shp): 6,000

Specific Fuel Consumption (lb/shp-hr): 0.443

Thermal Efficiency: 31%

Heat Rate (BTU/shp-hr): 8,140

Exhaust Gas Temp (°F): 1,049

Exhaust Gas Flow (lb/sec): 35.9

Power Turbine Speed (rpm): 7,000

Weight (lb): 1,990

Length (m): 2.96

Height (m): 0.91

Average performance, 60Hz, 59°F, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses, Liquid Fuel, LHV=18,400 BTU/lb.

Application Examples

  • Patrol Boats
  • Hydrofoils
  • High Speed Ferries
Danish Stanflex 300 Korean PKX Hong Kong Fast Ferry Japanese Hyabusa

Unique Features

  • High Efficiency for Engines in this Low-power Class

Engine Options

  • Commercial or Military Module Packaging

Engine Certifications

  • ABS Steel Vessel Rules
  • DNV Rules for Classification of Ships