Model F108


Dependable Power

Building on its success in commercial aviation, the durable CFM56 engine is used to power a variety of U.S. and foreign military aircraft, setting new levels of dependability and reliability.

Engine Overview

The CFM56-2B engine (USAF military designation: F108) truly proves there is power in teamwork. A 50/50 joint company of GE and Snecma (Safran group), CFM engines provide a vital link in the Tanker-Transport fleet by providing the proven source of power for Air Mobility Command, Air Combat Command, Air National Guard and Reserve missions. The US Military is the largest CFM operator in the world.

Following the success of the CFM56-2C with the re-engining of DC-8 jetliners, the U.S. Air Force chose the same basic engine to re-engine the existing Boeing KC-135 tanker. The first USAF KC-135R was delivered in July 1984 and had the last originally installed engine changed in April 2010.

The CFM56-2A and CFM56-2B engines now power several applications around the world ranging from tankers and transports, KC-135R and KE-3, to surveillance and command and control applications, such as the RC-135, E-3 AWACS, and the E6B Mercury. The US Navy CFM56-2A holds the military world record for time on wing.

CFM engines provide ## reduced takeoff roll, added thrust and increased fuel efficiency. CFM56 power also provides lower fuel burn for extended range, as well as increased time-on-station, payload and tanker offload capability.

Building on the strong foundation of success, CFM56 engines stand ready to power future critical missions well into the 21st century. CFM56-7B engines power the USAF and USN C-40s, Boeing's 737 AEW&C, and P-8 Poseidon. The Boeing P-8 (based on the Next-Generation 737) will be used for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, replacing current aircraft that average 30 years of age.

Introduction: 1974

Physical Information

Compressor Stages: 6 (5 axial; 1 centrifugal)

High-Pressure Turbine/Low-Pressure Turbine Stages: 2/2

Max Diameter (Inches): 26

Length (Inches): 48.8

Total Produced: 1,966 CFM56-2B; 193 CFM56-2A

    Example Applications:
  • KC-135R (CFM56-2B)
  • RC-135 (CFM56-2B)
  • E-3 AWACS (CFM56-2A)
  • KE-3 (CFM56-2A)
  • E-6B Mercury (CFM56-2A)
  • Boeing AEW&C (CFM56-7B)
  • P-8 Poseidon (CFM56-7B)
  • C-40A, B & C (CFM56-7B)

Power Specifications

Thrust Range: 22,000 - 27,300 lbs. for CFM military applications


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CFM56 Engines

CFM56 engines have gained recognition in both military and commercial revenue service.