The F110 Engine Family

The F110 Family

Dependable Power

GE's F110 engine family provides the most reliable power for the F-15 and F-16 fighter aircraft. With a reputation for stall-free operation, the F110 continues to be the choice for F-15 and F-16 operators.


Engine Overview

Utilizing the same core design as the F101, the F110 engine was created by adding different fan and afterburner packages to tailor engine performance to the desired aircraft application.

In 1984, USAF implemented the Alternative Fighter Engine program in order to increase reliability and performance of their F-15 and F-16 fleets.

The F110 engine has been the engine of choice for the F-16 since there was an engine choice for that aircraft. Conceived as an alternative to the Pratt & Whitney F100, the F110 is designed to provide significantly higher performance, greatly improved reliability, and sharply reduced operation and support costs.

Fully 86 percent of the USAF F-16C/Ds and 75 percent of all front line, combat coded F-16s are powered by the GE F110.

In 2002, the Air Force of the Republic of South Korea selected the F110 engine to power its new twin-engine F-15K fighter aircraft. The F110 engines were assembled through a licensing agreement with Samsung Techwin Co., LTD. Subsequently, Singapore selected F110 power and the Saudi Air Force re-engined 71 F-15S aircraft and purchased 84 new aircraft powered by the F110.

Growth versions of the F110 have been conceptualized up to thrust ratings of 36,000 pounds. The latest F110, the F110-GE-132, continues in service with the UAE Air Force on the Lockheed Martin F-16E/F Block 60.

Available upgrades include a Service Life Extension Program, which reduces unscheduled removals by 50 percent and cost-per-flight-hour by 25 percent, while enabling double time-on-wing. 800 F110 engines have been upgraded reducing maintenance costs by $1 billion.

The latest hardware configuration currently being shipped enables a 40 percent increase in time between scheduled engine visits to 6,000 cycles, resulting in another significant reduction in maintenance costs. Upgrade kits are available for engines currently in the fleet.

Quick Engine Facts

    Example Applications:
  • F-14
  • F-15
  • F-16
Introduction: 1986

Total Produced: more than 2,900

Thrust Class: 32,000 lbs.