The F110-GE-132

The F110-GE-132

Enhanced Fighter Engine

GE's F110-132 engine is the latest and most powerful engine in the F110 family, providing more thrust and better maintainability.


Engine Overview

The F110-GE-132 is the most advanced member of the F110 engine line. Derived from the highly successful F110-GE-129, the -132 is a 32,000 lbs. thrust class engine incorporating several evolutionary technologies designed to provide both enhanced combat performance and reduced cost of ownership. These include an advanced 3-stage blisk fan and an advanced radial augmentor.

The new fan provides the basis for the increased performance, with higher airflow and the ability to operate at a higher pressure ratio than its predecessor. Its revolutionary 3D aerodynamic design provides higher efficiency, resulting in increased durability and improved reliability.

The radial augmentor, derived from the F414, will continue to provide the pilot with unrestricted throttle capability throughout the entire envelope. The -132's fewer, more durable, and more accessible components result in significantly reduced maintenance costs and contribute to improved combat readiness rates. The -132 has been designed to be 100 percent compatible with existing F110 airframe installations.

The -132 engine is the highest thrust engine ever developed for the F-16. In 2003, Lockheed Martin completed engine flight tests of the F110-GE-132 with a test bed F-16 aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Physical Information

Fan/Compressor Stages: 3/9

High-Pressure Turbine/Low-Pressure Turbine Stages: 1/2

Max Diameter (Inches): 46.5

Length (Inches): 181.9

    Example Applications:
  • F-16E/F Desert Falcon

Power Specifications

Thrust Class: 32,000