Model GE3000


A first look at the new generation

Designed in response to the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine program (AATE), the GE3000 represents a new era in medium lift propulsion. It answers a wide range of operational needs by combining advanced technologies with lessons learned from more than 50 years of helicopter experience.

Engine Overview

Backed by the trusted legacy of reliable T700 engine performance - which currently powers 25 types of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in more than 50 countries - the all-new GE3000 is designed to deliver added mission capability at a lower operating cost.

To support this groundbreaking transformation, the GE3000 is focusing on meeting all AATE goals. It will deliver 3,000 shp at roughly the same weight as the venerable T700, while adding new materials, innovative cooling configurations and advanced aerodynamic designs. In addition, it retains the key maintainability features of the T700 and incorporates the latest diagnostics and prognostics for low life cycle cost.

The GE3000 has completed running its First Engine to Test to assess engine operation and component performance in a representative operating environment. Previously, Inlet Particle Separator, Bearing & Lube system, combustor rig, core, and axial compressor and Centrifugal compressor component tests were successfully conducted.

Launched in 2007, the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine program (AATE) calls for a specific fuel consumption reduction of 25%, a shaft horsepower/weight ratio gain of 65%, a 20% life improvement, 35% reductions in acquisition/maintenance cost, and a 15% development cost improvement.

The engine developed for ITEP is designed to be a "drop in" replacement for the GE T700 engine that currently powers the AH-64 Apache and UH-60 Black Hawks. In addition, this engine could be deployed for future vertical lift applications.

Watch new medium lift capability in action