Model GE38

The GE38

Modern design for heavy lift missions

As the most technologically advanced engine in its class, the GE38 significantly advances the state-of-the-art in large turboshaft engine performance, fuel efficiency and life-cycle cost. Compared to its predecessor, the proven T64 turboshaft engine, the GE38 provides 57 percent more power, approximately 18 percent better fuel consumption, with 63 percent fewer parts


Engine Overview

Chosen to power the U.S. Marine Corps CH-53K heavy lift helicopter, the GE38 will use a similar architecture to the popular T700 engine, with proven technologies derived from GE's commercial and military engine product lines. It also offers excellent fuel efficiency to provide additional payload/range capability and low-life cycle cost.

Its lineage is based on the T407 turboprop engine developed for the U.S. Navy and GE27 technology demonstrator engine, which set world records for low fuel consumption and power-to-weight ratio. A turbofan derivative of the T407 engine, the CFE738, powers the Dassault Falcon 2000 business jet.

The GE38-1B has a five-stage axial compressor coupled with a single-stage centrifugal compressor. It has a low-emission, annular combustor, two-stage gas generator turbine, and three-stage power turbine. It features a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Electronic Control system with advanced health monitoring functions. The engine is highly resistant to sand erosion, salt-water corrosion and offers stall-free operation in all conditions.