Model T64


Helicopter Engine Pioneer

The T64 pioneered a number of technical innovations for use on helicopters.

Engine Overview

Introduced in 1964, GE's T64 engine pioneered a number of technical innovations that influenced generations of GE engines, such as corrosion resistant and high-temperature coatings, front-drive free turbines and film-air-cooled turbine nozzles and blades.

Though not in production, today's T64 incorporates new design and material technologies that have improved its performance and reliability and have doubled its original power rating.

The newest T64, the -419, gives U.S. Navy Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopters increased power for minesweeping operations.

Quick Engine Facts

    Example Applications:
  • CH-53D/E
  • MH-53E
  • MH-53J/M
  • RH-53D
  • S-65/C3
  • CH-53G/S
Horsepower Range: 3,925 - 4,750 Shp