Model T34


Close Support

The TF34 engine enables the the A-10 aircraft to operate from short, remote airfields, withstand frequent exposure to ground fire and provide effective close-air support for ground forces.

Engine Overview

The TF34, a 9000-pound thrust class turbofan engine, delivers the highest thrust to weight ratio and the lowest specific fuel consumption in the class.

The high bypass engine powers the U.S. Navy Lockheed S-3A anti-submarine warfare aircraft and the U.S. Air Force Fairchild Republic A-10 close support aircraft. In service, the TF34 has proven to be a highly reliable and maintainable powerplant with low operating costs. GE has delivered more than 2,000 TF34 engines, which have accumulated more than thirteen million flight hours.

Hot-section improvements have significantly reduced the unscheduled removal rate and have doubled the engine's on-wing capability to more than 2,000 hours.

The TF34 is the father of the CF34, a commercial version that powers business jets and regional jet airliners.

The first TF34 was shipped in February 1971 and was first delivered on the S3 in January 1974.

Today, more than 460 engines are in service with the U.S. Navy and more than 1,050 are in service with the U.S. Air Force. With more than 11 million fleet hours, the TF34 is projected to remain in service beyond 2028.

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Quick Engine Facts

    Found on these aircraft:
  • A-10
  • S-3A
Introduction: 1971

Horsepower Range: 9,065 - 9,275 lbs.