GE Beacon

Aviation Support at Your Fingertips

GE Beacon is a free mobile app for business aviation customers, giving you one-touch service and support, whenever and wherever you need it.

Activate the Beacon for a service inquiry, AOG or a sales request, and a GE representative will contact you directly to assist with your need.

No matter where you land, you're never alone.

Available at the Apple App Store

Visit to access on your Android and Blackberry devices.

GE Beacon

One Touch Access

You only have to fill out one simple screen to "activate the beacon." With GE Beacon, you have one-touch access to the business aviation support you need - anywhere, anytime.

We'll Locate You

You can choose to type your airport code into the app - but we've made it much simpler for you. With a built-in GPS locator, Beacon will populate your exact location with the click of a button.

Built in Directory

If you prefer, you can contact us. Swipe horizontally and click on the GPS locator or input your airport code. Your nearest local contacts will automatically populate.
Note: To the extent any of the content provided is confidential, GE will not share or distribute any information customers provide through the Beacon mobile app.