Fun Facts

When the GEnx entered service, it had already amassed a record number of testing hours. Now, it’s powering airlines to destinations all over the world.


As of March 2014, the GEnx-1B has a departure reliability of 99.94%. The GE support team has personally met more than .... READ MORE

As of March 2014, there are more than 450 GEnx engines in service, accumulating over 1.5 million hours of .... READ MORE

Replacing today’s global fleet of 314 GE CF6-80C2 powered Boeing 767-300ER aircraft with GEnx-1B powered 787-8s operating .... READ MORE

Genx-1B aircraft engines are certified to emit 41% to 63% lower NOx than allowed by CAEP/6 standards, depending on .... READ MORE

In December 2011, the GEnx powered 787 set two world records: the longest flight for an aircraft in its class .... READ MORE

If an airline replaced CF6-80C2 powered 767-300ER aircraft with GEnx-1B powered 787-8 aircraft on six-hour routes, it could save .... READ MORE

Compared to the Boeing 767-400 with CF6-80C2 engines, GEnx-1B engines enable the Boeing 787-8, a larger and heavier aircraft, to .... READ MORE