In more than a century of building engines and powering flight, GE Aviation has never stopped innovating. All those years of research, testing and development will come together in the all-new GE9X engine to power the new Boeing 777X airplane. This purposed-designed powerplant will build on the proven architecture of GE’s twin-aisle engine family while incorporating the latest technologies and materials.

Delivering bigger
fuel-burn advantages

The GE9X will be the most fuel-efficient engine GE has ever produced on a per-pounds-of-thrust basis, designed to achieve significant fuel burn savings over its predecessor, including:

10% better SFC than the GE90-115B-powered 777-300ER.
5% better SFC than any other twin-aisle engine in 2020.

Industry-leading technologies for enhanced performance

While the GE9X will reuse proven features and architecture from the GE engine portfolio, every material, coating and aero feature/geometry is being perfected and evolved for this particular engine. Technology highlights include:

  • High-pressure turbine features new materials and cooling technologies along with updated aerodynamics.
  • Additive manufacturing processes that improve engine development
  • 4th-generation composite fan blade reduces blade count to 16 – the lowest of any twin-aisle engine available.
  • TAPS III combustor accommodates higher inlet conditions to meet new emissions requirements.
  • Record-setting, 11-stage compressor that will help make the powerplant the most fuel-efficient engine ever from GE. Features a 27:1 compressor pressure ratio contributing to an overall engine pressure ratio of 60:1 – the highest pressure ratios ever produced in the entire history of aviation
  • Ceramic matrix composite (CMC) materials in the core deliver twice the strength and greater thermal capabilities than their metal counterparts, with just a third of the weight.

Ready to perform at service entry

The GE9X will be built on a proven architecture, leveraging key design features that have been matured on other GE engines. In addition, the engine will also feature new technologies that are gaining experience on new GE engines introduced prior to GE9X service entry. Development highlights include:

  • Compressor rig testing
  • Separate testing and maturation programs for each new technology, including the TAPS III combustor, compressor, CMCs, acoustics, composites and LPT
  • Full suite of CMC parts will be tested on a GEnx development engine in 2014.
  • CMCs will be matured in service on CFM LEAP engine by time of GE9X EIS.
  • Composite fan blades will have accumulated more than 100 million flight hours by the time the GE9X enters service.

Engineered with the environment in mind

The GE9X will be one of GE’s latest ecomaginationSM qualified products. It will feature the same world-class reliability as the GE90-115B, with noise and NOx emissions well below anticipated regulation standards. Environmental performance highlights include:

The quietest engine ever produced by GE*8db margin to Stage 5
The lowest NOx emissions from a GE engine*approximately 30% margin to CAEP 8
*On a per-pounds-of-thrust basis
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