Continuing a legacy of leadership

Since 1990, Boeing and GE Aviation have worked together to help make the Boeing 777/GE90 one of the most popular aircraft/engine combinations in service. Today, we’re honored that the GE9X has been selected to power the new Boeing 777X.

The all-new GE9X will build on the GE90 legacy, incorporating elements of the GE90 and GEnx engines along with new materials and technologies. With years of proven performance, the GE twin-aisle engine family enables the GE9X to offer unprecedented reliability at entry into service.



The GE9X

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The GEnx

  • 320 engines in service
  • More than 980,000 hours of operation
  • 185,000 cycles
  • *As of August 2013.

Boeing 777

The GE90

  • More than 1,675 engines delivered
  • 38 million flight hours accumulated
  • 5.7 million cycles
  • *As of August 2013.
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