Our Commitment

Our Commitment

GE - Aviation is committed to serving the communities where we do business, to provide our customers with innovative, high-quality products and services and to protect the health of our workers and our environment.



Our worldwide reputation for honest and reliable business conduct, built by so many people over so many decades, is tested and proved in each business transaction we make. Read our company's integrity policy that all employees sign upon joining the company.


Social Performance

GE Transportation Aircraft Engines is dedicated to improving its commitment to social performance everyday. Whether it is in the quality of our products, services or our processes, AE leaders and employees support the communities that we call home.


Environment, Health and Safety

A cornerstone of the way we do business, we are committed to keeping our workers safe on the job, ensuring that we comply with environmental laws and regulations and incorporate these principles into every new product, service or process.



Our employees embrace Six Sigma's customer-focused, data-driven philosophy and apply it to everything we do. In fact, today, we are even working with our customers and suppliers to achieve the highest levels of quality possible.



Since its inception, GE Transportation Aircraft Engines has been at the forefront of many of aviation's most storied accomplishments. From the first U.S. jet engine to an engine for use on the next space shuttle, we continue to build upon our rich heritage.


Featured Spotlights

GE Aviation: Around the World and in the Community

GE Aviation: Around the World and in the Community

GE Volunteers from Aviation locations around the globe have found unique ways to give back to the communities where they live and work.


Is Today Science Day?

GE Volunteers in Education

During a recent KnowAtom lesson for third graders at the Tracy School in Lynn, Mass., GE Volunteer, Jim Kaplan, demonstrated the power of wind and the difference between potential and kinetic energy.



Aviation Heritage

For more than 90 years, GE has played a vital role in aviation. Find out how GE has helped the world take flight.


Engines 101

Engines 101

Build it, test it and fly it. Get up to speed on the technology that makes GE the leading manufacturer of jet engines for commercial, military and marine applications.


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