GE Aviation: Around the World and in the Community

Shanghai, China
Dialogue in the Dark: China Commercial team helps jet engines roar to life for visually impaired students in China

GE Aviation's China commercial team recently visited the Shanghai Blind Children School to teach students about jet engines and how they power aircraft. The school, founded in 1912, is the only school for the visually impaired in Shanghai, and currently there are about 180 children enrolled.

The Aviation team, made up of employees from sales, finance, marketing, legal and compliance, shared the history of GE and CFM engines and played videos of aircraft so the children could hear the sounds different jet engines produce.

"During our presentation, I explained how airplanes fly and how engines work verbally since they couldn't see the charts. We were happy to have a few kids raise their hands and tell us they had traveled by airplane. Some of them could even tell us the differences they felt when they were on different aircraft," said Weiming Xiang, Pole GM of Greater China.

During the second half of the day, students took the team on a tour of their classrooms, sang for them and read English text for them from their braille books.

"Overall, we learned a lot from the team building and were so amazed by all the kids in the school. The visually impaired instructors and lovely children didn't have any frustrations about their physical difficulties. They were happy and optimistic about their lives," said Weiming. "From them, we did learn a lot and were encouraged to face whatever challenges are in front of us."

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
GE Volunteers and Women's Network team up to beautify Cincinnati

Nearly 300 GE Volunteers and GE Women's Network members joined forces with 10 other Cincinnati corporations (Home Depot, Duke Energy, Toyota, Humana, Fifth Third and PNC) to help Cincinnati Parks open up its facilities around the city and beautify Sawyer Point Park for the summer.

"Once again, our corporate community has accepted the challenge to make a difference in our community," Mayor Mallory said. "All the companies involved are to be commended for their commitment to the ideals of our city - service to others."

This year, the projects focused on clean up around the park, riverfront and two main downtown streets. The work consisted of tree planting, refurbishing traffic islands downtown, mulching trees, litter cleanup, brush removal and flower planting.

Budapest, Hungary
GE Volunteers Renovate and beautify playground at Bethesda Children's Hospital in Hungary

More than 50 GE Volunteers and 10 family members worked at Bethesda Children's Hospital to improve the organization's playground for children patients and children visitors. During the day, volunteers, helped with the preparation of the site and the construction of the protected playground. Site preparation included painting, digging, raking and planting.

Project leader Esther Kovassy described the impact of the work, "We chose the project at Bethesda Children's Hospital because the hospital is the country-highlighted and unique medical institute for children with epilepsy, muscle disease, hyperactivity, concentration disorders, and other mental disorders and for children suffering from severe trauma after accidents, burns, etc. Children from all over the country are sent to Bethesda for special treatment. The playground would provide continuous seven-day a week year-round service to the children at the hospital, so it will touch the lives of hundreds of people each year. This work will provide children an opportunity to get outside and play, who might otherwise be confined to the hospital."

Last year, GE Volunteers worked nearly 250 hours in community service for organizations in the Veresegyhaz region.

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