GE90 Fan Blade

GE90 Fan Blade In the airline business, it's all about higher, quicker, faster. A lighter engine or a small increase in engine power or efficiency can provide a real competitive advantage for an airline. Which is why using advanced composite material in our fan blade technology helps make GE's jet engines among the best selling in the world.

A few years ago, we began work on taking fan blades to a new level. Using composites material technology, we developed a fan blade for the GE90 aircraft engine that was lighter and more durable than ever before.

To produce the new fan blades, we came up with a process that results in a 100% defect-free, carbon-reinforced epoxy blade - which means no wrinkles or voids in the fibers. To do that required modeling of the composite process, advanced sensor and data acquisition systems, data-to-information conversion technologies, compression molding presses, autoclaves and small-scale molds to simulate processes.

The GE90 fan blades have performed exceptionally well in operational service. This technology will continue to be used on high thrust engines for wide-body aircraft and large airplanes of the future, delivering greater efficiency, lower cost of operation, and continued high levels of safety and reliability.

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