First GE CF34-8C1 Turbofan Engine Exceeds 100 Percent Power

March 19, 1998

LYNN, Massachusetts - The GE CF34-8C1 turbofan engine achieved a first full-engine test milestone by exceeding its specification thrust rating during initial development testing at the GE Aircraft Engines facility in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The engine was fired up for the first time on February 20. After only 10 hours of initial performance calibration and facility checkout runs, engine power was advanced to 14,500 pounds of thrust, 5 percent greater than its certification rating of 13,790 pounds of thrust. At this power level, all major engine systems operated as anticipated, with some components exceeding design point performance.

"While we still have a long way to go in our engine testing, initial progress is giving every indication that we've got a very strong engine that will meet all our performance expectations," said Frank Klaus, general manager of GE's Small Commercial Turbofan Department. "We also expect good initial results from our first core engine that goes on test this month at our Evendale, Ohio, facility and from our second full engine, which also starts its testing this month at the Tokyo facility of IHI, a risk- and revenue-sharing participant in the program."

Initial CF34-8C1 engine testing is evaluating performance, operability, engine dynamics, emissions and engine controls, including the full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) system.

The CF34-8 series engines, the newest growth derivatives in the CF34 family of engines, have been selected to power Bombardier Aerospace's new Canadair Regional Jet Series 700 and are candidates to power other next-generation regional airliners and corporate aircraft.