GE's Worldwide LM Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Fleet Reaches 40 Million Operating Hours

June 1, 1999

MIAMI, FL - GE Industrial AeroDerivative Gas Turbines (GE-IAD) and GE Marine Engines reported at Latin America Power '99 that the worldwide fleet of LM aeroderivative gas turbines has reached the 40 million operating hour mark.

"Our LM aeroderivative gas turbines - which are derived from aircraft engines -- have benefited greatly over the past 40 years from GE's ongoing development of sophisticated technologies that ensure reliable and efficient operation of these engines on airplanes," said Rick Felini, GE-IAD Product Line General Manager. "This continuous evolution has enabled the fleet to reach this milestone, with more than 2,100 aeroderivative gas turbines now in service throughout the world in various industrial and marine applications." (See Table 1 attached for LM fleet milestones).