Republic Of Korea's T-50 Advanced Jet Trainer Completes First Flight

August 20, 2002

EVENDALE, OHIO - An F404-GE-102 augmented turbofan engine, developed jointly by GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), powered the successful first flight, on August 20, of the KAI/Lockheed Martin T-50 advanced jet trainer.

Flight testing is being conducted by KAI near Sachon City in the Republic of Korea. Flight testing will be conducted through 2005.

The T-50 advanced jet trainer is a Republic of Korea indigenous program managed by the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and KAI. KAI and Lockheed Martin will produce the T-50 for the ROKAF, which has announced plans to procure 94 aircraft initially. KAI and Lockheed Martin have also formed T-50 International to jointly market the aircraft to potential export customers.

The F404-GE-102 engine is a derivative of the F404-GE-402 that powers the Boeing F/A-18C/D strike fighter. Other models of the highly successful F404 engine program power the Lockheed Martin F-117A stealth fighter, the Saab/BAE JAS 39 fighter, Singapore's A-4SU attack aircraft, and India's LCA fighter. More than 3,700 F404s have been delivered to date and have exceeded 9.5 million engine flight hours in service.

The F404-GE-102, rated at 17,700 pounds (78.7 kN) thrust, incorporates single-engine redundancy and reliability features, plus an advanced FADEC (full authority digital electronic control) derived from GE’s F414-GE-400 engine.

The initial production contract for the F404-GE-102 is expected in 2003, with delivery of the first T-50 trainer scheduled for 2005.

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