GE Rolls-Royce F136 Program History & Engine Details

June 13, 2005

Pre-System and Development Demonstration (SDD) phase
PHASE I (1995-1997)
Engine definition completed

PHASE II (1997-2001)
Critical Design Review
80 hours of core testing, successful fan testing

PHASE III (2002-2005)
Detail design completed in 2002
Subsystem testing in 2002-2003
Engine systems interchangeability 2002-2003
Critical Design Review 2003
First engines to test 2004
STOVL demonstration 2005
Successfully completed all testing requirements in April 2005 200 hours of combined testing

System and Development Demonstration (SDD) phase
PHASE IV (2005-2012)
Contract proposals in 2003
Contract award anticipated in 2005
12,000+ testing hours
Flight test anticipated in 2009
First engine delivery in 2012

FRONT FAN (Rolls-Royce)
Long wide-chord titanium, three-stage blisk
Stage one - hollow core blade; stage two & three-solid blade
Two builds tested to date, verified fan flow and efficiency
Linear friction welding for blade attachment

Five-stage, all-blisk system
Two rotors: stage one; stages two to five
Forward swept airfoils, robust blade tips
Bowed/swept stators from 3-D aero codes
High-stage loading to support 40,000-pound-thrust class

COMBUSTOR (Rolls-Royce)
Single annular, simplified design
Fabricated from Lamilloy(TM) cooling material
Technology grounded in IHPTET experience
Successfully rig-tested

TURBINE (GE & Rolls-Royce)
Single-stage high-pressure turbine (HPT)
Three-stage low-pressure turbine (LPT)
HPT & stage 1 LPT in a coupled, vaneless counterrotating system
HP turbine blades feature single crystal material
Successfully rig-tested

Radial, non-stage, variable flow control
Based on GE F110-129 and F110-132 engines