GE Launches Modernization Program for CF34 Engines on Challenger 601

May 03, 2006

EBACE - General Electric Company (GE) has launched a modernization program to enable Challenger* 601 engines to be maintained like engines on the Challenger 604/605.

The program allows operators of GE's CF34-1A/3A/3A2 engines to upgrade from a "hard-time" maintenance schedule to "on-condition" - freeing these engines from scheduled hot section inspections and overhauls.

"Transitioning from a 'hard-time' to an 'on-condition' engine maintenance plan provides many benefits, including extended time-on-wing, increased aircraft resale value and lower overall cost of operation, " said Bill Hoernschemeyer, general manager of corporate aviation sales at GE - Aviation. "The modernization will allow operators to enroll in our OnPointSM Rate Per Hour services plan at a rate per hour up to 60% lower than the current hard-time rate."

The modernization program essentially retrofits the hot section of CF34-1A/3A/3A2 to the airline-proven CF34-3A1 hot section. This upgrade creates a more robust engine that will support an "on-condition" maintenance plan, pending a full MSG-3 analysis with Bombardier. The modernization program can be performed, along with a scheduled overhaul, at GE's Strother facility, GE Branded Service Shops, or at other GE-authorized shops.

This program coincides with the launch of a new web portal dedicated to GE's business aircraft operators - This website allows GE's Business Jet customers to go directly to the support and OnPointSM Solutions services that are tailored to their needs. GE offers a wide variety of maintenance solutions for business jet operators, including a comprehensive Rate Per Hour Program.

In anticipation of a strong demand for the Modernization Program, GE is revitalizing its Strother Field facility in Kansas. The new features, including a pilot room and concierge services, are geared for Challenger operators flying in and out of Strother to have maintenance performed on their engines.

With more than 600 Bombardier Challenger* and CRJ 100/200 business jets in operational service since 1983, the CF34 engine has set new standards for reliability. The average first unscheduled shop visit occurs at about 9,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 20 years of typical biz jet operation.

GE - Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), is one of the world's leading manufacturers of jet engines for civil and military aircraft. GE is also the world's leading provider of maintenance and support services for jet engines.

*Challenger is a trademark of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.