From new parts to personalized service, GE delivers the best designed, tested and proven parts for an engine repair. GE uses the latest technology to help customers reduce the cost of ownership and increase residual value.

New Parts

With GE's engineered parts, you’re assured world-class part quality, global/comprehensive product support and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty coverage.

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Used Parts

GE's used serviceable parts are cost-effective complements to new parts or repair material solutions to help keep shop visit cost low. GE original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are backed by industry-leading expertise and response times.

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Our advanced repairs make more of your components serviceable, providing you with significant shop visit savings. Our global network of technology, repair development and operations centers are at work developing new repairs to increase yields and decrease costs.

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Technology Upgrades

GE offers a wide variety of engine upgrades to enhance performance and reduce cost. Incorporate the latest GE technologies into your mature engines to make them fly like new.

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