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GE Aviation's Systems business, is a leading provider of avionics, actuation and landing gear, aerostructures, electrical power systems and propeller systems to the builders and operators of military and civil aircraft, from large transports to fighters, UAVs to armored vehicles, and from helicopters to regional and business jets. We are committed to compliance in our procurement process and work closely with our suppliers to deliver on commitments to our customers.

The procurement terms and conditions contained within this page are prior versions used by GE Aviation Systems and are not intended to be utilized for current procurements. The latest terms and conditions requirements are referenced on the GE Aviation Systems Purchase Orders, Remark C64 or Remark I64. These purchase order requirements can be viewed by using the GE Aviation Purchase Order Requirements search engine.

Note: All suppliers please refer to your purchase agreement for the applicable Purchase Order Requirements (see links below), including the proper revision date.

Approved Third Party Background Check Provider(s)

The third-party background check provider(s) listed below meets GE's criteria. If you need a background check, you must use a GE approved provider:

T: +1 800 275 8318 (ext. 6417), F: +1 561 691 6793

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