Integrated Logistics Management

In partnership with our customers, GE has developed a reputation for excellent performance in its Integrated Logistics Management (ILM) solutions. We support more than 1,800 aircraft under Performance Based Logistics (PBL) programs, Integrated Operational Support (IOS) or ILM contracts. Core to our ILM delivery is our team of logistics engineering specialists. These programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer individually, whether civil or military, and involve a close working relationship between GE and the customer.

Expect Successful Results

Establishing an effective support plan for a customer requires a detailed knowledge, not only of the systems, but also of the customer's operation and needs. Our Logistics Support Group will undertake a detailed planning exercise covering all aspects, such as required inventory, IT systems, repairs, distribution, documentation, configuration, engineering change control, reliability trend analysis, test equipment, and whether or not a GE representative is recommended to be based on site.

Support programs such as these maximize aircraft availability for the customer with guaranteed reliability of an item. This forms a link between equipment reliability and improved performance, making it a more efficient operation for the customer for the future.

The success of ILM/PBL results in:

  • Greater operational efficiency for the fleet
  • Significant reduction in life cycle costs for the system
  • Improved parts availability
  • Shortened supply chain
  • Excellent support base, on demand, at any location

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