With our commitment to sustaining leadership in engine components and electrical and mechanical systems, we aim to deliver fully integrated, quality products on time, every time.

Electrical Components and Systems

Unison Industries designed ignition systems, sensors and wiring harnesses are recognized for their ability to withstand harsh environments while efficiently delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Power Generation

Unison Industries is a leading supplier of dedicated electrical power generation for the aerospace industry, offering superior power to size optimization and thermal management characteristics.

Mechanical Systems

Unison Industries specializes in the design, test, and manufacturing of complex tubes, ducts, and manifolds for aircraft engine and airframe applications.


Unison Engine Components is the industry leader in near net shape cold rolled and flash welded rings and formed engine components, substantially reducing cost by minimizing material input and costly down stream machining operations.


Unison Engine Components supplies complex engine and structural fabrications and assemblies in various materials for commercial and military aircraft.


Unison Engine Components supplies a broad range of complex, close tolerance machined components utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology and specialized machining processes.

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