Logistical Support

In order to ensure that optimum performance can be obtained from GE products, a fully capable logistic support organization is essential. Logistic Support Management activities are key to ensuring that the requirements associated with each program and customer are identified and delivered.

Military support programs are routinely conducted in accordance with the latest Integrated Logistic Support standards. These ensure that the best practice is second nature to the management team. This experience is also applied to our civil programs to the benefit of our products and customers.

Logistic Support Analysis

GE Logistic Support Management activity comprises of a highly experienced team of logistic support analysts. The team works closely with product design teams to identify and address potential support problems during the design phase. With the assistance of a wide range of computer based tools/models, the team analyzes equipment design to determine detailed support requirements.


The Reliability Data Group monitors the in-service reliability performance of a range of company products. This activity feeds back details of in-service experience to our design departments to allow appropriate action to be initiated if problems occur.

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