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H. Lawrence Culp, Jr.

Chairman and CEO, GE and
CEO, GE Aerospace


Earlier today, we announced the new brand names for our three planned future companies: GE HealthCare, GE Vernova, and GE Aerospace.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this storied aviation franchise that is becoming GE Aerospace. Our new brand maintains our strong standing in the industry and keeps the globally recognized GE monogram as a badge of safety, quality, and trust. The new name marks the moment as we venture forth as a standalone company. Historically, we have evolved our name many times, from the Aircraft Gas Turbine Division in the 1940s to our most recent change in 2006, when we shifted from GE Aircraft Engines to GE Aviation.

The move from “aviation” to “aerospace” is a deliberate one, based on the thousands of conversations with employees, customers and other stakeholders. With our huge installed base, GE Aerospace will continue to play a vital role in supporting the industry through a historic recovery while shaping the future of flight. Our new name maintains the brand’s strong standing in the aviation sector, and also sets forth a confident vision to compete and advance in the field of aerospace and defense for future generations.

One thing that will not change is our Purpose: We invent the future of flight, lift people up and bring them home safely. Our commitment to lead the industry, to keep safe the flying public and the armed forces, and to lift up one another and our communities, remains our north star. Our purpose is what ties us to one another and gives meaning to our work. At the Farnborough Air Show today, I feel deeply that truth that this industry knows — the world works better when it flies.


For more than 100 years, GE’s aviation business has been enabling the world to take flight as a leading innovator in aircraft propulsion and systems. Today, as ever, we are guided by one abiding purpose: To invent the future of flight, lift people up, and bring them home safely.

With the announcement of the new brand names for our three planned future companies, we look toward our next chapter. GE Aerospace will build upon our established expertise, extensive partnerships, and commitment to customers in the aviation sector to propel a new era of growth in aerospace and defense—one that balances the current needs of our industry with the future of flight for future generations, surpassing what is expected and delivering what is essential. Where others stop, we accelerate.


The new GE Aerospace identity embodies our brand’s abiding spirit of bold exploration, backed by the steadfast commitment of a proven industry innovator.

The GE monogram remains our iconic brand signature, grounding us in our legacy as a globally trusted leader in safety, quality and reliability. The new wordmark, designed in a condensed type and customized to create uniform spacing between each letterform, reflects our technical precision and our commitment to enabling rapid, streamlined navigation across the globe. And our signature brand color deepens and enriches the heritage GE blue with power and purpose, drawing inspiration from the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

As we set our sights toward an expanded horizon of possibility, our new brand will serve to convey our elevated vision for the future, and our enduring belief that the world works better when it flies.

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