Commercial Aviation Systems

With a broad range of avionics, power, and structures products, GE Aviation's Systems portfolio is bringing the future of flight to today's commercial aircraft. From Integrated Propulsion Systems that create unprecedented engine energy efficiencies to advanced flight management systems that enhance the capacity of the skies, GE provides the advanced technologies critical to superior aircraft performance and is poised to take civil aviation to the next level.

Avionics Systems

With an eye on total system optimization, GE continues to develop innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions.

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Electrical Power Systems

GE is developing innovative technologies, solutions and systems for advanced energy management.

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Digital Solutions

Flight Efficiency Services harness the power of the Industrial Internet to transform real-time data and analytics into actionable insights that improve efficiency of how airlines fly their airplanes.

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Dowty Propellers

A supplier of advanced turboprop engines, our technology is simple and proven, with advanced aerodynamics blade sections, rugged construction, fail-safe electronic control and lightweight design.



Providing both electrical and mechanical systems components, Unison is a supplier to nearly every engine and air-frame program for commercial aviation.