TrueChoice™ Overhaul

It's all about choice.

TrueChoice™ Overhaul features time and material workscopes specific to your shop visit objectives, economic priorities and ownership horizon, whether for one engine or your entire fleet.

We customize each overhaul to provide the best and most comprehensive support, while optimizing the total package to meet your operational and financial targets. So, whether you’re looking for a single shop visit or a longer-term fleet agreement, we have options that meet your evolving business requirements.

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Workscopes truly targeted to your specific needs

Our time and material overhaul workscopes are highly tailored to engine condition and shop visit objective. The key to this is close collaboration as well as employing the right processes and data points/analytics to achieve the greatest efficiencies around shop visit turn-time, pricing accuracy, technical requirements and overall quality.

TrueChoice Overhaul services

From integrated spare engine support to overhauls with a firm fixed price, we will work with you to customize the best service arrangement for your needs— one that returns your aircraft to revenue service faster while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

  • Fixed price, no exclusion option
  • Most reliable supply of used serviceable material
  • Available lease engines
  • Competitive turn-times
  • Material that maintains engine residual value
TrueChoice Overhaul Services

Global capabilities with you in mind

We deliver maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services directly through five GE Aviation overhaul facilities with comprehensive maintenance and test capability plus five dedicated component repair facilities to support our commercial aircraft engines – giving you the breadth of services and extensive capacity to meet all your MRO needs.


Arkansas City, Kansas, USA
Engines: CF34-3/-8C/-8E/-10E, CFM56-2/-5B/-7, CT7, T700
Test Cells: 5


Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Engines: CF6-80C2, GEnx-1B/-2B
Test Cells: 1


Nantgarw, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Engines: GE90, GP7200, CFM56-5/-7
Test Cells: 2


Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Engines: CF6-6/-50/-80C2, CF34-10E, CFM56-5B/-7, GEnx
Test Cells: 2


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Engines: CFM56-3/-5B, CFM56-7
Test Cells: 1


Dayuan, Taoyan, Taiwan
Engines: CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, GE90-115B, GEnx-1B/-2B**
Test Cells: 1
*Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT) is a joint venture between GE and Evergreen Group’s EVA Air.
**GEnx engines serviced via GE Evergreen Engine Services, a joint venture between GE and EGAT.

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