Improve aircraft maintenance efficiencies through insights

Aviation Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

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GE's Aviation Asset Performance Management is an intelligent, adaptable data analytic ecosystem that enables aircraft operators to move from unplanned to planned maintenance.

It combines aircraft operator’s maintenance, flight and operational data with deep industry expertise, enabling outcomes that improve the availability, readiness, reliability, and ROI of your heterogenous aircraft and fleet.

Aviation Asset Performance Management addresses your toughest maintenance management challenges:

  • Full flight and maintenance data collection and aggregation for heterogenous fleets
  • Data driven analytics & aviation expertise for maintenance insights at fleet, aircraft and component
  • Detecting maintenance issues in advance for proactive maintenance planning

Built upon GE's experience working with aircraft operators, Aviation Asset Performance Management enables customers to quickly realize the insights from their operational and maintenance data, reducing operational disruptions, driving down maintenance costs and increasing asset availability.

Aviation Asset Performance Management (APM)

Built upon real world customer experience

Aviation Asset Performance Management

Aviation APM Implementation Architecture

Core functionality: Reduce operational disruptions and maintenance costs to increase asset availability

Aviation Asset Performance Management Implementation Architecture

Aviation Asset Performance Management has the ability to develop and manage full aircraft analytics for a deeper view into performance of the asset and identify maintenance issues earlier. Categorized by ATA Chapters these analytics can be tailored to a specific fleet, aircraft type, and even component. The aircraft operator decides the level of detail to be included in the ATA Chapter analytic based on their asset operating environment and data availability. ATA Chapter analytics combine empirical data with GE aviation expertise for previously undiscovered insights that enable operators to increase the efficiency of their maintenance practices and operations — reducing cost while maintaining and managing asset availability KPIs.