Event Measurement System

GE’s Flight Data Analytics services are powered by Event Measurement System, a highly comprehensive flight data processing system providing unparalleled functionality, accuracy, and speed. Our Event Measurement System integrates many disparate data sources (flight data, weather, navigation, flight plans, schedules, etc.) and uses a powerful analytics engine to extract valuable insights about your operations. Our customers around the world use these insights to power safety programs, drive efficiency, and find data-driven solutions for unique and complex problems.

Event Measurement System features and benefits

  • Automated data processing and analytics
  • Expert flight data decoding and cleansing
  • Integrate many data sources at single flight level
  • Robust library of normalized events and measures
  • Statistical and individual flight analysis tools
  • Fewer false positives boosts analyst productivity
  • Efficient and scalable analytics
  • Data integration enables new insights
  • Maximum security and privacy
  • Hosted solution, lower IT costs