Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

Move from unscheduled to scheduled maintenance through data driven insights

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

”Now we’re able to retrieve from the aircraft and query the aircraft for thousands of individual data points,” he said, adding this “allows us to develop capabilities to predict and ultimately prevent in-service AOG events.”

– Derek Zimmerman

President Gulfstream Customer Support

Proactive approach using data insights to reduce unplanned maintenance and turn around time


Lightweight and compact hardware for aircraft operational data collection, aggregation and communication. Supporting industry standard data protocols, including ARINC 664, ARINC 429, ARINC 717, ASCB, ethernet, etc. and integration with transmission channels –Wi-Fi, cellular, SATCOM.

GE Wireless Data Network Unit Datasheet


Actionable insights across data aggregated from aircraft systems. Available in-flight for real-time analysis and resolutions. Root cause analysis for improved fault isolation, reducing maintenance related TAT (Turnaround Time) and NFF (No Fault Found).

GE Onboard Maintenance System Datasheet

GE’s Aircraft Health Management Unit Datasheet


Customizable solution to assess and improve maintenance strategies and processes across your fleet. Automatically decode, store, and distribute data to key stakeholders to enable efficient maintenance operations. Visibility and analysis of key performance indicators across aircraft and fleet-wide operations.

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Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

461 operators

1800 active users

720+ billion data points

Create a secure aircraft data eco-system to improve operational efficiencies

Our solution is wholistic in nature covering the full life cycle of your data and aircraft. We provide the required airborne hardware and software solutions to collect, evaluate and transfer your data to our ground stations through certified and secure connections. Our ground support network provides the tools to visualize and track your data enabling the understanding required to make meaningful decisions for a single aircraft or across your fleet. These actionable insights combined with our configuration tool set enable you to manage your assets more effectively and efficiently truly transforming your data into meaningful, productive decisions.

Fleet wide operational data eco-system

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

Data load configuration management – web based toolset to define what data is recorded, events to be monitored, and conditions under which data and reports are sent from the aircraft.

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

In air alerting, data recording, data query, condition monitoring and event reporting – bi-directional data transfer enables in-air troubleshooting to reduce AOG (Aircraft on Ground). Support for multiple aircraft data bus standards and communication over multiple transmission methods.

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

Data download, worldwide coverage – automatically send 1000’s of recorded flight data parameters via Wi-Fi or global cellular connectivity to ground systems, where the data is stored securely for analysis and long term asset health management.

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

Data storage, forwarding, live data viewing and analytics – insights developed on stored data can be uploaded to the aircraft, for fine tuning parameters and new conditions to be monitored. Develop new maintenance strategies for aircraft and fleet based on operational data and insights.

Connected Aircraft Fixed Wing

Your fleet, your aircraft, your data, with our solution are your competitive edge

We have access to a rich data set of over 20,000 parameters as reported by the various sub-systems in an aircraft, exceeding the limited scope of the traditional FOQA data set. We combine this data set with real time, onboard analytics and ground based predictive algorithms to help you better manage the operations, health and maintenance of your aircraft and fleet. Aircraft operators can develop their own applications and analytics and identify new areas of revenue generation or cost management.

Connected Aircraft Solution

With more than 100 years for aviation experience, more than 46,000 years of flight data, and 8 billion maintenance records, GE Aviation has helped establish the “digital industrial world”. Combined, we have more than 1,500 cumulative years of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) experience, and around 100 patents on our various digital-industrial offers.

Our solution allows you to see data that is not available from existing reporting systems on an aircraft. Adding deeper context to events, alerts and errors that were previously viewed in isolation, allows for better resolution. Built in and customizable onboard analytics allows for earlier notification of potential issues. Tailor the analytics to your operating parameters, for a targeted root-cause analysis that can lead to faster resolution of issues.

Data from operations is stored at aircraft and fleet-wide levels to develop predictive analytics for improved maintenance practices and strategies. Leverage our deep data science and aviation experience to further hone your insights into day to day operations.

Partner with us and see how you can extract tangible value from your existing data. With over 35 years of data acquisition expertise, GE is the ideal solution provider to help you identify and explore new areas for improving your operations.