FlightPulse, developed in collaboration with Qantas pilots, automatically merges complex aircraft data with crew schedules, allowing commercial pilots to visualize personal analytics and conduct their own exploration.

Empowered to conduct their own analysis and peer comparisons, pilots discover areas to optimize operations and efficiency, while reducing risk, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.



When pilots do not have access to their own flight data or comparable performance, they are unable to collaborate effectively with their company on flight risk management projects or fuel- saving initiatives.


Digital Solution

The FlightPulse app connects pilots directly to personal flight analytics by merging flight data with crew scheduling. By providing analytics related to safety and fuel usage, the app enables pilots to increase operational efficiency.


User Experience
  • Automated integration, cleansing and data validation

  • Installed on pilots’ Electronic Flight Bag

  • Configurable by administrator

  • Fully hosted solution with secure, private and mobile data access

  • Data visualization and animation

  • Pilots conduct their own analyses and peer comparisons

  • Pilots and airlines collaborate on focus areas (e.g., fuel saving)

  • Reduce operational costs by optimizing asset utilization