The 4.6 MW Engine

Photo courtesy of TurboJet

GE's 4.6 MW marine gas turbine is derived from GE’s CF34 turbofan engines that are currently in use in many commercial aircraft applications. This gas turbine is basically a CF34 engine without its fan and is very similar in materials and design to GE’s industry-leading 25 MW marine gas turbine. The 4.6 MW marine gas turbine incorporates a variable stator compressor driven by an air-cooled, two-stage turbine. It incorporates the latest in proven design technology and corrosion-resistant materials to provide a mature design with maximum reliability and component life.

The worldwide fleet of GE’s 4.6 MW gas turbine includes more than 100 engines delivered or on order, accumulating 1.8 million operating hours. The lightweight, 4.6 MW marine gas turbine provides flexibility so it can be positioned almost anywhere on the ship to create additional room for cargo or passengers. GE's 4.6 MW marine gas turbine is ideal for hydrofoils and high speed ferries.


4.6 MW

GE's simple-cycle, two-shaft 4.6 MW (6,130 shp) unit is lightweight and compact, and offers the highest fuel efficiency of any gas turbine in its output class.


Output 6,130 shp (4,570 kW)
SFC .443 lb/shp-hr (270 g/kW-hr)
Heat rate 8,140 Btu/shp-hr
10,916 Btu/kWs-hr
11,520 kJ/kWs-hr
Exhaust gas flow 35.9 lb/sec (16.3 kg/sec)
Exhaust gas temperature 1,049°F (565°C)
Power turbine speed 7000 rpm
Average performance, 60 Hertz, 59°F, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses