GE is B-52 ready

for the world’s most critical mission

Peace. Protection. Freedom. These essential pillars are what the B-52 has relentlessly guarded for the United States and our allies. For over 60 years, the iconic Stratofortress has been an active symbol of cover and security. Its capabilities have evolved with the mission, from a constant presence in the skies during Cold War-era deterrence, to conventional warfare, to modern-day precision strike, persistence is its profile. This steadfastness shows by the decades of weather on its wings and its unwavering hold in our pride of legacy and determination. And its mission continues. Just as it has adapted to new theaters, munitions, and missions, it must again respond as threats are broader and more varied than ever before.

This powerhouse will take on whatever is needed to defend democracy and deter enemies. To do this going forward requires its first re-engining, a task as critical as the aircraft itself. With the B-52 entering its next season of sustainment, GE is honored to offer two options to support the U.S. Air Force in its role to maintain U.S. global influence and international order. The lifeline of this aircraft are the engines that power it. The mainstay of our strategic nuclear fleet demands rugged, reliable, and commercially-proven equipment to continue to operate from a position of enduring strength for the foreseeable future.

GE is the only company to have been involved in re-engining U.S. Air Force aircraft three times over. Add in our deep experience powering six strategic bombers, entrenched support of air combat, and the reverence we have for the role we play in protecting this country; and GE is the clear partner to ensure the B-52 is ready at all times for the most critical missions.

A range of missions

GE's most reliable engine even while operating under the harshest conditions – from the highest altitudes in the world to the sweltering heat of the Middle East.

Born as a scaled and improved version of the legendary *CFM56 engine, the CF34-10 family is a proven stalwart of commercial aviation.


GE's CF34-10 Engine
  • Averaging 16,000 cycles to its first overhaul, CF34-10 is projected to stay on wing for the life of the B-52 and beyond – reducing maintenance, manpower, and operating costs.
  • Provides the most thrust in reserve for more mission- based climb in more extreme conditions.
  • Offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any engine offered for the B-52 CERP.
  • Proven fully mature with over 32 million (CF34-10) flight hours and over 174 million CF34 family flight hours.
  • Tackling an average of 8 flights per day with GE's highest 99.98% dispatch reliability, this engine promises substantial increases in aircraft readiness and availability.
Made in Durham, North Carolina

Performance specifications

Maximum takeoff thrust20,360 lbs
Bypass ratio5.4:1
Maximum overall pressure ratio29:1
Fan diameter53 in
Length88.7 in (engine base)
Weight3,760 lbs
NoiseICAO Chapter 4 Meets or surpasses
EmissionsICAO CAEP/6 Meets or surpasses
Specific fuel consumption35K/0.80 Mn max cruise .640
Control systemDual-channel FADEC

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GE's most advanced, digitally capable engine built on proven technologies delivering game-changing performance and fuel burn in the most severe environments.

Evolved from GE’s most advanced commercial engines and technologies that perform with 99.96% dispatch reliability.


GE's Passport Engine
  • Recently powered the longest non-stop business jet flight in history (8,152 nm), a testament to its endurance.
  • Lowest fuel burn of any engine in its thrust class enables mission effectiveness: longer mission range, persistence, and increased payload.
  • Dual FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) offers redundancy for real-time troubleshooting and to guard against mission disruption.
  • Predictive health management provides data analytics to identify and prevent engine-related disruptions.
  • Significant noise and emissions reductions provide environmental, health, and safety benefits for ground personnel and surrounding communities.
Made in Lafayette, Indiana

Performance specifications

Maximum takeoff thrust18,900 lbs
Bypass ratio5.8:1
Maximum overall pressure ratio51:1
Fan diameter52 in
Length102.7 in (engine base)
Weight3,950 lbs
NoiseICAO Chapter 4 Meets or surpasses
EmissionsICAO CAEP/8 Meets or surpasses
Specific fuel consumption47K/0.85 Mn max cruise .615
Control systemDistributed FADEC

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Most seasoned in re-engining

KC-135R | TF33 to CFM56


J57/TF33 to CFM56

A force multiplier for refueling

Four hundred fifty KC-135R aircraft have benefited from CFM56* (F108) engines, which increase thrust by 100%, enable a 50% increase in fuel offload, improve fuel efficiency by 25%, and reduce takeoff noise levels from 126 to only 99 decibels.

C-5M | TF39 to CF6-80C2


TF39 to CF6-80C2

Redefining global mobility

The C-5M Super Galaxy capitalizes on GE's CF6-80C2 (F138) engines, which add 22% more thrust, deliver a tenfold improvement in reliability, enhance fuel efficiency, and meet Stage 4 noise standards. With GE engines installed, the C-5M’s performance has been record-breaking with 89 certified world records awarded.

U-2S | PW J75 to F118


J75 to F118

Elevating reconnaissance to new heights

With the installation of GE's F118-101 engines, the U-2S features increased payload capability and higher takeoff thrust, improved fuel efficiency and range, and significantly extended engine time-on-wing.

Most experienced with bombers

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Heavy strategic bomber, featuring low observable stealth technology designed for penetrating dense anti-aircraft defenses.

Service entry1997
Number produced21
PowerplantF118-GE-100 non-afterburning turbofan
Boeing (Rockwell) B-1 Lancer

Boeing (Rockwell) B-1 Lancer

Supersonic variable-swept wing, heavy bomber.

Service entry1986
Number produced104
PowerplantF101-GE-102 afterburning turbofan
Convair B-58 Hustler

Convair B-58 Hustler

High-altitude supersonic strategic bomber. First Mach 2 capable bomber.

Service entry1960
Number produced116
PowerplantJ79-GE-5A afterburning turbojet
Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Long-range, high altitude, subsonic strategic bomber. First swept wing USAF bomber.

Service entry1951
Number produced2,032
PowerplantJ47-GE-25 turbojet
Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

First USAF bomber capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Also capable of intercontinental flight without refueling.

Service entry1948
Number produced381
PowerplantJ47-GE-19 turbojet
R-4360 Wasp Major
North American B-45 Tornado

North American B-45 Tornado

First operational jet bomber to enter service with the USAF.

Service entry1948
Number produced143
PowerplantJ47-GE-13 turbojet

* CFM is a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines