T901 Helicopter Engine

The T901 is here

GE is proud to have been selected to partner with the US Army to qualify this next-generation engine

As Apache and Black Hawk helicopters add capabilities and associated weight, they are also required to perform at higher and hotter conditions than they were designed for. This has led to the need for additional power. In response, the U.S. Army launched the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) to seek a new turboshaft engine to provide 50% more power, 25% better specific fuel consumption while reducing life cycle costs.

Inspired by four decades of U.S. Army rotorcraft experience, GE responded to this need by designing the new T901. Building on an unparalleled record with the U.S. Army’s Apache and Black Hawk helicopters, the T901 meets all ITEP requirements with fewer parts, a simpler design, and proven, reliable technology. GE stands ready to take the U.S. Army into the future of rotorcraft aviation.

Simple design. Powerful results.

  • 50% More Power
  • 25%Better Specific Fuel Consumption
  • 40yrsAH-64 and
    UH-60 Experience
  • SIMPLEReliable Fix-Forward

You can't manufacture trust

Through our partnership with the U.S. Army, GE has supported every Apache and Black Hawk mission with reliability and operational readiness, building a trusted foundation for the future. You can’t manufacture trust. The T700 has been the engine of choice for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters for the past four decades.

What soldiers say about the T700

The future is simple

Designing the future demands that you understand the past

Built for both today and tomorrow’s Army rotorcraft helicopters as well as the next generation of Army rotorcraft, the T901 is more powerful, more efficient, and more durable at a lower cost. Created to succeed the legendary T700, the T901 leverages decades of operational experience to give soldiers the capability they need and the reliability they demand. The T901 will be ready to power the heavier and more capable Apaches and Black Hawks of tomorrow. Inspired by experience, GE is designing the future of U.S. Army aviation.

Do more with less

Single-Spool Core

When the U.S. Army asked GE to create a more powerful, efficient, and durable engine we focused on the warfighters and maintainers by minimizing complexity with the proven single-spool core engine architecture. Proven technological advancements enable the T901 to meet the challenging ITEP performance requirements without sacrificing maintainability. The modular architecture of the T901 reduces complexity, resulting in lower weight and increased reliability for the warfighter. Utilizing our experience with the U.S. Army, we designed the T901 to be the most reliable, cost effective, and responsible choice for the future of U.S. Army aviation. The single spool architecture provides superior growth capability as proven by the T700 single spool core design, which has grown power by 100%.

Powerful performance

In the extreme conditions of war, operating in a hot and high altitude with sand and dust clouds while under fire, you need reliable power to get in, complete the mission, and get out fast. When you pull the collective you need a reliable response and the T901’s superior power and responsiveness will give that performance on demand. Warfighters will have a significantly better capability with T901 powered Apache and Black Hawk helicopters with improvements including:

  • Longer range to improve tactical reach
  • More payload to mass combat power faster
  • Better time on station
  • Enhanced maneuverability to improve survivability
  • Improved low airspeed operation to expand pilot tactical options and safety margin

Black Hawk

6,000 feet / 95 degrees F


6,000 feet / 95 degrees F

Unmatched innovation

Developed with the most advanced and proven 21st century aviation innovations, the T901 benefits from GE’s investment in both military and commercial technologies, allowing warfighters to focus on what’s important—mission accomplished.

3D Aerodynamic design tools

The T901 is designed using GE's industry-leading 3D aerodynamics design tools validated in the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine (AATE), Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE), and Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) prototype engine programs. This design practice leads to:

  • Better component efficiency
  • Increased pressure ratio
  • Balanced stage loading

These improvements contribute to the T901 exceeding ITEP 6000 feet, 95 degree performance requirements without sacrificing the combat proven single spool architecture.

Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs)

The T901's use of CMCs enable the engine to produce more power with less weight. Higher temperature capability means more engine airflow can go towards powering the helicopter.

  • Less cooling
  • More power
  • Better specific fuel consumption

Additive manufacturing

The T901 directly benefits from GE's industry-leading additive manufacturing capabilities. This technology enables game changing system solutions which result in improved performance with significantly fewer parts, maximizing reliability while reducing weight and cost.

T901 Part vs Comparable T700 Part

Advanced cooling technologies

GE's next generation of engine cooling capabilities maximize the T901's performance. These technologies allow the T901 to reduce the amount of cooling air required to maintain the same engine temperature, delivering more power and significantly improved fuel efficiency. The results:

  • Lower metal temperatures
  • Less cooling air required
  • Better engine durability
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • Better acceleration
Sand Tolerant Technologies

The Army's Apaches and Black Hawks operate in the world's harshest conditions. For nearly 40 years GE engines have been there keeping them in the fight. Five million hours of desert operations experience has influenced the T901 Inlet Particle Separator (IPS), allowing the U.S. Army to fly with confidence in tomorrow's severe conditions. The new IPS reduces sand ingestion and pressure loss, decreases wear on turbomachinery components, and provides significant time-on-wing improvement.

The T901 includes multiple sand-tolerant design features, including:

  • Improved erosion prevention techniques
  • Ruggedized compressor
  • Advanced Inlet Particle Separator
  • Informed cooling hole sizing

Fix forward design

On the front lines, things do not always go as planned and getting back in the fight quickly is critical. The simple, modular design of the T901 allows maintainers to disassemble, clean or repair, and reassemble the engine in the field, all with only light weight spare modules, without the need to carry the full weight of a spare engine. This means less dependency on combat supply chains, rapid recovery of degraded performance, and less enemy exposure to support elements. GE and the T901 fix forward design keeps you in the fight!

Benefits of a fully modular engine:

  • Flexibility: Fix in the field or at the depot
  • Mobility: Only carry small, lightweight modules
  • Affordability: Reduces costly depot visits
  • Performance Retention: Turbine cleaning possible
  • EHM System (CBM+): More EHMS identified faults field repairable
  • Commonality with existing Army infrastructure
  • Simplified future module and component upgrades

Seamless aircraft integration

GE's experience with Apache and Black Hawk engine integration is unsurpassed. GE's expertise and established infrastructure means lower risks to the U.S. Army and seamless integration of the T901.

  • 100% growth within same engine physical interfaces over 6 different T700 models on Apache and Black Hawk
  • Intimate knowledge of Apache and Black Hawk systems and functions
  • GE experience translates into a seamless integration with lower aircraft program risk

  • Ready for
    any extreme

  • Ready for

  • Ready for
    tomorrow's mission

T901 Engine

Designed as a replacement for the legendary T700 engine, the T901 turboshaft engine will provide dependable power to U.S. Army Black Hawk and Apache helicopters.